Terms of service

This website enables you to create and distribute digital content. You may use this website only in accordance to local law. You are not permitted to use this service in any abusive form. This includes using this service in any matter other than the from us provided web or app user interfaces.

Uploading photos, audio messages and text messages

By uploading content to this service you are acknowledging that you own the necessary rights to do so, or alternatively have received permission from the owner of these rights.

You are not permitted to upload the following content:

  • Photos or other content which infringes on copyrights or trademarks.
  • Photos or other content with pornographic content.
  • Photos or other content which limits the freedom of speech and or freedom of religion in any shape or form.


We are doing our best to ensure content created with this website is available throughout the Christmas season and beyond.

However we reserve the right to terminate, remove, alter or otherwise modify and content on this site without prior notice. In addition we do not guarantee the integrity or availability of any content that is uploading to this service.

Maximum number of visitors

All calendars are limited to a maximum number of 1000 visitors. Paid business calendars can have a higher limit, and upon request, can have this limit removed entirely. We reserve the right to deactivate calendars without notice upon reaching its maximum number of visitors.

Business calendar pricing

All prices listed on our website are per calendar and are limited to one campaign per calendar. Once a calendar has been purchased, the start and end dates of calendars can no longer be configured. Calendars will be hosted for 6 months after their initial start date.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy