Personal online
advent calendars

Upload photos, voice messages and videos to create your personal online advent calendars to share with friends and loved ones!

How it works

How to edit title

1. Choose a title

Give others a hint what your calendar is going to be about.

How to edit photos

2. Add photos, messages, videos

Add 24 photos, voice messages and videos, one for each day in December.

How to share with friends

3. Share with your friends!

You will receive a link to your personal calendar. Simply send it to all your friends!


Your personalized advent calendar


Voice messages

YouTube videos

Text messages


For each day in December you can upload a photo, text or voice message or a video from YouTube. You can even combine all of those for every single day! In case you have your own website, you can also embed your calendar directly in your site!

Free and no ads

We love advent calendars and believe that everybody should have at least one during the Christmas season! We are a group of students and MyAdvent is a hobby for us, which we provide free of charge. MyAdvent is 100% recyclable and contains zero calories ;)

MyAdvent was created with by  in Bavaria, Germany.